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Media Playout for live content TV production. It'll blow your mind.

With MSB Media Playout, you have everything in one application. Media playout, titling, scorebord (or score bug) display. Remote controlled, if you like.

Connect your Mac directly to your video switcher and MSB Media Playout will play back any video, still image or graphic. Use it for lower third graphics, score bugs, full-screen scoreboards, anything.

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MSB Scoreboard. A Scoreboard with a Brain.

Developed specifically with American Football in mind, MSB Scoreboard makes the task of keeping track of the game easy. Keeping track of score, down and distance, timeouts and operating the game clock used to be a huge workload. With MSB Scoreboard that becomes so much easier.

Tons of extra features like multi-station operation, game log, live scoreboard or ticker output for websites and the best scoreboard layout editor you can get makes MSB Scoreboard the solution for your sports event.

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And lastly, this one. Checkmate.

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