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Just one solution.

Whether for TV broadcast, live streaming, in-stadium display, or live-to-tape productions, MSB Media Suite is your one-stop solution for all your graphics and media playout needs.

Caption Graphics

Design and show lower thirds (also known as captions or supers). Our Caption Director lets you maintain a database of prepared captions and call them up in the blink of an eye. Export and import caption presets, or import a Sports Team roster and automatically create captions for them.

Image MSB Media Controller – Roster Import

Prepare and display overlays for any purpose - to show programming information, sports results and statistics, opening and closing credits – whatever you need.

Design it your way

MSB Scoreboard Editor lets you design your caption graphics with complete freedom. In/out animation, daisy-chaining of display items, dynamic text sizing to avoid overflow – you name it.

Image MSB Scoreboard Editor

Play back media and images

Play media content – video, images, slides, audio – quickly and easily. Create playlists of content that needs to be played out in sequence. No worries about playing 4:3 content in a 16:9 production; just choose between automatic letterboxing and zooming.

The most sophisticated scoreboard control for American Football

MSB Media Suite first started as a gameclock and scoreboard display software for American Football. Used by the former NFL Europe League, years of experience from officials, scoreboard operators and clock keepers have made the Scoreboard part of MSB Media Suite the best on the market.

Game logic can be switched to support different leagues, from 15-minute-quarters like in the NFL, or NCAA-based rules like in the German Football League, up to Flag Football and other game formats.

Image MSB Media Controller – Scoreboard Controller

Whether you want to display a full scoreboard, a partial scoreboard overlay, or just a small score bug, MSB Media Suite does it for you.

Other Sports

MSB Media Suite can be used for score and game data display for any sports type. Whether you have soccer, rugby, hockey, darts – no problem at all.

Supports Elgato Stream Deck

MSB Media Suite contains a native plugin for Elgato Stream Deck™. Control your scoreboard, captions and media playback directly from your Stream Deck.

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