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Use Cases

Sports – TV and Live-Stream Productions

Use MSB Media Suite to show match graphics to your audience. From tiny score bugs to full-size score boards, live stats, event graphics ("Touchdown!"), you can do it all with MSB Media Suite.

Sports – Stadium Presentation

Every sports, every venue, has different requirements for the graphics shown to the audience. Whether you need a small score display in a corner of the screen, or a large frame around the live picture on the jumbotron – no problem. Play back videos or still images (slides) at any time.

Play back media and images

Play media content – video, images, slides, audio – quickly and easily. Create playlists of content that needs to be played out in sequence. No worries about playing 4:3 content in a 16:9 production; just choose between automatic letterboxing and zooming.

Supports Elgato Stream Deck

MSB Media Suite contains a native plugin for Elgato Stream Deck™. Control your scoreboard, captions and media playback directly from your Stream Deck.

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