ReX-T is a useful utility that helps REALbasic developers to master PCRE-compatible Regular Expressions, by providing a simple and powerful “sandbox” where they can build and test their Regular Expression search patterns.

Many other applications use PCRE-style Regular Expressions, for example TextWrangler and BBEdit from Bare Bones Software.

ReX-T screenshot #1

ReX-T, Version 2.0, is a completely overhauled version with many new features:

  • Complete UI overhaul
  • Supports “Replace”
  • Pattern assistant
  • Stores recently-used patterns
  • Universal Binary (native Intel support)

ReX-T screenshot #2

The software is released as freeware. It requires Mac OS X 10.4 (might work with 10.3 as well, but not tested).

A Windows version will come soon.

Click here to go to the Downloads page and get ReX-T now!

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