REALbasic Mask Converter

Easily split images that have transparency into separate picture and mask components, so they can be easily used in REALbasic applications.

The REALbasic IDE is unfortunately not able to read images with transparency or masks directly. While you can drag any image into the REALbasic IDE, the transparency is lost when doing this. You need to have the “mask” of the image in a separate, black-and-white “mask image”. The Mask Converter for REALbasic allows you to do this with a simple drag-and-drop operation.

Simply drag any image with transparency onto the "input" box.

You have the choice of creating separate mask and picture files (convenient if you want to drag the files into REALbasic””s IDE), or having one combined file. The latter option is convenient if you want to open the image file from your application code. No plugins or similar needed!

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