MacGameClock is a complete software system for scoreboard and clock display at sports events. It is very scalable, supports multiple simultaneous displays and control stations, while keeping hardware requirements low. It was developed for American Football, but can be used for other events too.

MacGameClock at workWith MGC, you can at the same time display the current score, clock, and other vital game data both on the arena jumbotron display and simultaneously transmit them as ready-to-mix video signal to be keyed into the TV feed.

Or imagine a setup where additional information must be displayed to the TV sets in the VIP lounges, while the official game clock must be displayed in a clear and readable way on the video display inside the stadium. All this can be done using just one or two Apple MacBook (or PowerBook) computers running the MacGameClock software.

Score display

All game data can be recorded for later “playback” and mixing into a timecoded video recording, maybe using a different layout than in the “Live” display.

MacGameClock at work in the video control room

MacGameClock at work in the video control room at Frankfurt Galaxy

Please contact me at if you need more information or a quote !

Full-Service available

If you want to benefit from a sophisticated game clock system for your American Football gameday, but don`t want the hassle of buying, setting up and operating the system, you can book a full-service package. Our team will set up and operate the system at your site.

Please contact me at if you want to know more!

Please contact me at if you want to know more!

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