Software products. Under construction.

Important note: All software listed here is available for Mac OS X only, unless stated otherwise.

REALbasic Mask Converter

A valuable tool for REALbasicâ„¢ developers. Easily split almost any image type into separate picture and mask components for easy use in REALbasic applications. Learn more…


My flagship product.

A fully-featured software package for professional scoreboard and game clock display for sports events. Developed for American Football and used by the NFL Europe, it can be used for other sports events as well. Learn more…

Moving ASCII


A simple, user-friendly utility to create ASCII art videos and images; accepts video and images as input. Learn more…

Talk Talk


A multi-protocol network debugging and analysis tool. Currently undergoing a complete rewrite.

ReX-T 2.0


Very useful tool to develop Regular Expressions for REALbasic and other PCRE-aware applications. Learn more…

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