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Get your shirt!

Wer es satt hat, sich seine T-Shirts mit coolen Sprüchen in den USA zu bestellen und zu den US$9.99 noch etwa 25 Mücken Versandkosten zu zahlen, sollte sich mal in meinem neu eröffneten T-Shirt-Shop umsehen...

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Great analysis of the Twitter hack

... well, at least one of them :)

Nick Cubrilovic of TechCrunch wrote a very detailed and interesting analysis of the recent stealing of sensitive documents from Twitter by a hacker nicknamed Croll.

From [The Anatomy Of[...]

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New Domain

Finally, a dedicated domain name for my blog – and various other things to come.

From now on, you can reach this site at

Bookmark it! The old domain name will expire some time in the future.

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Why German TV Sucks

One simple reason: lack of respect to their viewers. They don´t care what they serve us, we´ll be watching it anyways. Quality? What for?

One of my favorite TV shows is "Dr. House". The (re-run) episode of yesterday is a prime example of what I mean: who cares what crappy translation they use. Let me describe the scene that I´m talking about.

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Censoring The Web

Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity. But it''s hard to believe that the complete inability of the self-proclaimed child protectors to distinguish between the rightful opposition to internet censoring and promotion of child p[...]

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