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How not to take an iPhone video...

One of the nice things the iPhone does when you take a video with it is that it automatically switches from portrait to landscape mode when you tilt it.

But you shouldn´t do it exactly when something interesting happens... as nicely demonstrated with this video. I more or less missed the key mom[...]

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Space balloon wipes out car - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Space balloon wipes out car via Space balloon wipes out car - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

[caption id="attachment_261" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Scientific balloon crashing, alm[...]

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Having trouble viewing this email?

Spam isn´t that bad. At least it´s good for a laugh every once in a while. Like this one...

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CeBIT 2010

My visit at the CeBIT fair this year was as interesting as always. Biggest thing to note is the new Mac OS X Business Park.

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Thank you, "Visa Customer Service". You will always have [...]

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