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iPhone-controlled Beer Cannon

Can I have one for christmas, please? Pleeease?

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Eurotest 4: More screenshots, features

Here´s some news about ET4. Some exciting new features are coming.

Consistency Check

Just like in ET3, we have a Consistency Check for each test set. It helps to make sur that you don´t have invalid test sets; for example, a test set requiting 10 METAR questions while there are only 5 such questions is the database.

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Google Developer Day 2010, Munich

Blogging from Munich today, where Google is hosting its annual developer event for apparently more than 1000 developers. Big topics today include HTML5 and Google''''''''s approach to cloud computing, the App Engine. Will post some reports as the event progresses.

P.S. WiFi reliability is lousy. [...]

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More on the iPhone Alarm snafu

A lot of confusion has been spread about the recent problem with Apple´s Clock App on the iPhone. Several people have asked me about this recently, so here´s a bit of information to better understand the problem.

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Eurotest 4: First screen shots

Here are the first preliminary screen shots of ET4. They are meant to be "functional" previews; the layout will be changed later. BTW, I need a good banner... any Photoshop artists out there?

User/Member Details

This screen shows the full details fo any user/VATSIM member, including any t[...]

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