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Video: Jobs pitches new Apple campus to Cupertino city council

The mothership has landed...

Planned new Apple HQ will be half the size (3.1 M sq ft, 12000 employees) of the Pentagon.

Found on Wired´s [Epicenter](http://www.wired.c[...]

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Follow the skipping spam

As a hommage to a great series by the SANS Institute, called "Follow the bouncing malware", I decided to write a piece over an interesting little piece of spam I found in my mailbox today.

The message in question caught my attention because it was addressed with my full (first and last name) and started with "Hello Frank". This is unusual for untargeted spam these days, so I decided to have a look.

Read the rest of this story to see what I found out.

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L´amour et la violence

Caritas TV ad. Beautiful.

(Music: "L´amour et la violence" by Sébastien Tellier, "Sexuality")

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Today, I am Khaled Said, too

Congratulations to the people of Egypt. It is great what you have accomplished, and in a completely peaceful way.

Now just don´t forget the great responsibility you have in reshaping your country.

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Goodbye, AS20928

As of 2100h UTC, Jan. 31, the last remaining network in Egypt went down. The netblock in question is AS20928, operated by The Noor Group out of Cairo.

All other Egyptian ISPs went down last week already. I don´t know the reason why Noor remained online. Maybe they had spec[...]

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