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More Eurotest 4 screenshots

Here are a few new screenshots of Eurotest 4. I´ve mostly been working on making it work right, so there´s not that much news on the UI side, but anyway...

First, there is now a way to add the right to dispense specific tokes to a role; this is necessary if you want to let certain people (say, [...]

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Angry Birds in Meatspace

For a long time, I´ve wanted to play Angry Brids in real life. Turns out you can:

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Video: Jobs pitches new Apple campus to Cupertino city council

The mothership has landed...

Planned new Apple HQ will be half the size (3.1 M sq ft, 12000 employees) of the Pentagon.

Found on Wired´s [Epicenter](http://www.wired.c[...]

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