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How a Shift Register works

So, as promised, here is my take on shift registers. I will explain how they work using the M74HC595 8-bit shift register - because that‘s the type I usually use. They are available for a few cents each at many places; here in Germany, I tend to buy them from [Conrad]([...]

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Playclock #1: Shift Register

For an upcoming project - a playclock for American Football - I did some experiments with a 74HC595 shift register IC. I made a little demo video showing the shift register at work. Enjoy.

P.S. I'll do a series of blog posts here about the project soon, showing the progress and explaining how thi[...]

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Trustworthiness of information by file extension

The most improbable things are sometimes true. This is one of them.

By One of my favorite sites.

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ScanJet That I Used To Know

Making music with all kinds of computer gear (most notably, antique floppy drives) has become kind of a fashion these days; YouTube is full of examples.

This, however, is one of my favourites. The song is Gotye's

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I was about to tweet a rant about why I have to download five different Dashboard widgets for a very simple task and then find that not a single one of them works. And then I came across this.

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