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Completely different

Exactly 50 years ago, on August 13, 1961, the East German dictatorial government finally admitted its failure by building the “Berlin Wall.” They actually thought that they could control the people by oppressing them, taking away their freedom, and their basic human rights – like freedom of expression. What a funny idea – nobody would consider such measures in any free country any more. Except…

… maybe some authorities in San Francisco, like the Bay Area Rapid Transport (BART), who thought it might be a good idea to shut down all mobile networks in their area to prevent a demonstration.

… or maybe the British government, who are openly considering blocking access to certain social networks and services like Twitter and Facebook, to contain the London riots.

… or maybe the Mubarak government of pre-revolution Egypt, thinking that shutting down mobile networks and blocking internet access would somehow make all these angry people go away. But that was completely different, of course… some far off, dictatorial country. That could never happen here.