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Who´s “me” ?

My name is Frank Bitterlich. I am a software engineer from Frankfurt, Germany.

My profession

I am in the business of designing and creating software, mostly for the Apple Macintosh platform, for more than fiteen years. A few of my publicly-available products can be found on this website, most of them free.

My day-job includes developing web applications, so I can claim to have some experience in that field, too. Most of that work is not available to the general public, though; but if you want to see some, head over to the ATSimTest website that I have developed and maintained for the VATSIM flight simulation community for many years now.

Other stuff I do

One of my products, MacGameClock, is a scoreboard and game clock system for American Football. Created for use by the NFL Europe, I operated the system on behalf of the Frankfurt Galaxy football team in the NFL Europe league. Other teams in that league are using the system, too.

Be sure to check out the MacGameClock info page!

Contact Info

If you want to contact me, please send an email to fbitterlich+wp@gmail.com.

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