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ReX-T Version 4 released

I'm proud to announce that version 4.0 of our regular expression tool ReX-T has been released.

Image ReX-T Icon

This version has many new features, like

  • a regular expression library,
  • a source code generator, and
  • omprehensive online help.

Our Regular Expression Glossary is ready to give you a head start with regular expressions.

More info about ReX-T can be found on the Esclepius website:[...]

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Halloween Story: Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit

by Frank Bitterlich

Let me tell you a story. I am sure that you have heard similar stories before, without doubt in the days around Halloween, and I am sure that the person telling it would swear that it was true. That it happened to someone they know, maybe a friend of a friend, or a cousin of their coworker.[...]

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Time Zones

I'm not sure what time zone Facebook sees me in, but maybe this is just the middle between DST and normal time...?!?

Facebook Screenshot

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How a Shift Register works

So, as promised, here is my take on shift registers. I will explain how they work using the M74HC595 8-bit shift register - because that‘s the type I usually use. They are available for a few cents each at many places; here in Germany, I tend to buy them from Conrad, but you can get the from many other sources like Sparkfun or Banggood.

The basics[...]

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Playclock #1: Shift Register

For an upcoming project - a playclock for American Football - I did some experiments with a 74HC595 shift register IC. I made a little demo video showing the shift register at work. Enjoy.

P.S. I'll do a series of blog posts here about the project soon, showing the progress and explaining how things work. Make sure to come back later for that!

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