ET4: New feature – Member History

One of the really new features in ET4 is the Member History. It will track all changes made to a member´s VATSIM record over time.

Track changes using the "Member History" popup

This tracking is also a prerequisite to automatically issuing tokes when certain conditions are met, and marking tests as “done” once a rating upgrade has occurred. Bottom line: less work for you, guys.

Feel free to comment, either here, or in the VATEUD forum.

ET4: Manual evaluation

Gentlemen, please have a look at how manual evaluations (should we call them “review”? Sounds better somehow, methinks) will look in the future.

The admin menu will contain a list of “recurring tasks” with badges showing the number of waiting items next to them, if any.

Admin menu: Recurring Tasks

Click on the link and you will be taken to the manual evaluations that are waiting.

Waiting evaluations

Clicking on the test ID will take you to the review form. After some general information (about the member and the test) you´ll see the questions that need manual review.

The review form

Most notable are the fields for comments to the candidate, and internal notes (you could put the reasons for your decision there).

Some javascript trickery automatically puts the notes from the “HINTPASS” and “HINTFAIL” fields of the question into the comment box, if you click the respective radio buttons “Correct” or “Wrong”.

Finally, when you submit the form, ET4 will check if any questions are marked as “postpone decision”. If any are found, the review decisions will just be stored for later; if not, the final test results are calculated and ET4 will do its duty.

Please let me know what you think of this, and whether anything is missing… Thanks.

Completely different

Exactly 50 years ago, on August 13, 1961, the East German dictatorial government finally admitted its failure by building the “Berlin Wall.” They actually thought that they could control the people by oppressing them, taking away their freedom, and their basic human rights – like freedom of expression. What a funny idea – nobody would consider such measures in any free country any more. Except…

… maybe some authorities in San Francisco, like the Bay Area Rapid Transport (BART), who thought it might be a good idea to shut down all mobile networks in their area to prevent a demonstration.

… or maybe the British government, who are openly considering blocking access to certain social networks and services like Twitter and Facebook, to contain the London riots.

… or maybe the Mubarak government of pre-revolution Egypt, thinking that shutting down mobile networks and blocking internet access would somehow make all these angry people go away. But that was completely different, of course… some far off, dictatorial country. That could never happen here.