More Eurotest 4 screenshots

Here are a few new screenshots of Eurotest 4. I´ve mostly been working on making it work right, so there´s not that much news on the UI side, but anyway…

First, there is now a way to add the right to dispense specific tokes to a role; this is necessary if you want to let certain people (say, VACC staff) dispense certain tokens (for example an “Early Retest” token). This can optionally be limited to members of those VACCs where the user holding that role is a staff member (more on that below).

As mentioned above, users can be defined to be staff for one ore more VACC. This replaces the old “Multi-VACC” option, which was an ugly hack; now we´re doing it right. If you are staff of a VACC (which has nothing to do with being a member of this VACC), and have the necessary roles, you might be able to view members of this/those VACC(s).

The “My Status” page contains a “Past Tests” section, where you can review your past performance, and access old test forms complete with the answers you gave.

Of course, they are read-only.

ET4 now has slightly more than 8.000 lines of code, not counting any frameworks I´m using. This is a huge beast, much bigger than I expected.

I did a lot of bug-fixing recently; the autosave feature for test forms now works like a charm. Role-based autorization is another important thing; you don´t want to have bugs in there. It´s now almost working to my satisfaction.

Stay tuned for more updates!