Goodbye, AS20928

As of 2100h UTC, Jan. 31, the last remaining network in Egypt went down. The netblock in question is AS20928, operated by The Noor Group out of Cairo.

All other Egyptian ISPs went down last week already. I don´t know the reason why Noor remained online. Maybe they had special permission from the government, since a lot of important networks were in this block - the Egypt stock exchange, banks, aviation. But maybe, just maybe, someone inside Noor decided not to bow to the government at once to refrained from pulling the plug. If so, you have my respect. The Internet needs more people like this.

For today (Tuesday, Feb. 1), the Egypt government is planning to pull the plug on the remaining cell phone services and even disrupt the rail service to prevent protesters from joining the “March of the Million” protests. Good luck, guys.