Eurotest 4: First screen shots

Here are the first preliminary screen shots of ET4. They are meant to be “functional” previews; the layout will be changed later. BTW, I need a good banner… any Photoshop artists out there?

User/Member Details

This screen shows the full details fo any user/VATSIM member, including any tokens, applications history etc.

The "member details" screen.

User Roles

Here you see a typical user role definition.

This is how user roles will be defined.

Token Definition

These are the properties of a token definition. Tokens can have a delay (a waiting time before they become valid), or a lifetime (after which the token expires). Both are optional. Also optional: A limit on how many tokens of this type the user may hold.

This is the definition of a token.

That´s it for today… let me know your thoughts.