BlueMoon X DreamScape Time

Who said that an “Album of the Week” has to be posted every week? 😉

This week I stumbled across BlueMoon X DreamScape Time by a spanish guy named PeerGynt Lobogris. A fine example of harmonic, even dreamy electro-rock that is ideal for “background noise” while working with buggy Javascript implementations. It cools you down, blurs your focus a little bit, which helps with getting the big picture… Believe me, it works – I´ve tried it :)

You can listen to the album (and many more) for free on Jamendo.


Get your shirt!

Wer es satt hat, sich seine T-Shirts mit coolen Sprüchen in den USA zu bestellen und zu den US$9.99 noch etwa 25 Mücken Versandkosten zu zahlen, sollte sich mal in meinem neu eröffneten T-Shirt-Shop umsehen…


Sonderwünsche? Eigene Sprüche, eigene Motive? Fast alles ist möglich - einfach Kontakt aufnehmen…!

Great analysis of the Twitter hack

… well, at least one of them :)

Nick Cubrilovic of TechCrunch wrote a very detailed and interesting analysis of the recent stealing of sensitive documents from Twitter by a hacker nicknamed Croll.

From The Anatomy Of The Twitter Attack:

Like other successful attacks, Hacker Croll used the same combination of patience, sheer determination and somewhat elementary methods to gain access to a frightening number of accounts and services related to Twitter and Twitter employees. The list of services affected either directly, or indirectly, are some of the most popular web applications and services in use today - Gmail, Google Apps, GoDaddy, MobileMe, AT&T, Amazon, Hotmail, Paypal and iTunes.

The most interesting aspect of this story, to me, is how weaknesses of the different services used in this attack complimented one another and ultimately made this “hack” possible in the first place.

A great read, even for non-techies.