Google and T-Mobile launch first Android phone

In a press conference in NYC, Google, T-Mobile USA and HTC today announced the “T-Mobile G1”, the first mobile phone running Google’s Android operating system.

The phone will be available in October in the U.S., in Europe later this year (November in the U.K.). It will be available for US$ 179, but will be SIM-locked to the T-Mobile network. Data plans start at $25 a month, but require a T.Mobile voice plan as well.

It’s hard to overlook the similarities to Apple’s iPhone launch. The only major difference I see today is the fact that application development is unrestricted, unlike Apple’s model. But there is a central marketplace for Android apps as well, called “Android Market” (which didn’t prevent one of the T-Mobile big cheese on the press conf to call it “App Store” a couple of times - accidentally, of course).

More key data: No Skype either. Well, hardly a surprise. No Exchange support yet (though that will very likely come quickly). Integrates well with Google services (allegedly), but no central “sync” platform there.

All in all: surprisingly few differences to the iPhone.

Google Developer Day 2008

Live from GDD08 in Munich

10:05 - Keynote a few minutes late…

10:10 - Markus Mühlbauer

14:10 - Interesting news about the Chrome browser. Plugins coming soon!

14:30 - “Build YOUR YouTube”. I will! :)

14:50 - Finally an API to get to the actual video file (flash) or RTSP feed from YouTube… yay!

15:50 - I learned tons of stuff about YouTube API. Gonna use this extensively.

16:30 - Live webcast from NYC: T-Mobile, HTC and Google launch “G1”, first Android phone