Killing even more people

After what could easily become the worlds most tragic storm desaster, with a death toll approaching the 20,000-mark quickly, the Burmese government once again shows its true face. They are killing people by blocking aid and rescue wherever they can.

The aftermath has pushed Myanmar’s normally secretive ruling military junta to ask for aid and release details of the devastation. However, the U.N. said its aid workers were still waiting for visas to enter the country.


Still waiting for visas ? Where I live that is a criminal offence, neglect of duty to provide assistance.. I guess in their country it counts as politics. After all, who cares if some more people die by starvation or illness; it solves a couple of food problems, and if somebody asks, it was all a tragic natural event.

Next thing on the schedule is probably asking the international community for some monetary aid; after all, the governments luxury cars need some serious repairs.

These folks make me want to puke.