Spotlight on Microsoft’s Sales Strategy

Looks like we have to buy a package of Microsoft Visual Studio as a backend tools for some reporting package we’re going to install.

Strange enough that when you google for “Visual Studio”, the first result (and only meaningful result on the first page) links to a page titled “Visual Studio 2005 Developer Center”. Anyway, try to click on “Bezugsquellen” (Distributors) on that page, and then on “Buy & Ship”. What do you get? An empty page. Old story, you say, your fault for accessing a Microsoft page with Safari; probably some ActiveX control that you cannot see.

Who needs a body, anyway?

Nope. Apparently the directory a MS resellers in Europe is very short, so short that the MS webserver is dishing out a completely empty HTML document, completely omitting the body element. But who needs a body, anyway? On the other hand, correct cache control is a first step. (And before you ask, no, the refesh doesn’t load anything more useful.)

Bravo, MS. Makes it easier for me to explain why I’m using Apache.

The Return to the Wild West

In every country, in every society, there are people to think that everything was better in the past. But I can’t avoid noticing that recently, such claims have increased in both frequency and stupidity. The responses after the Viginia Tech shooting is a good example.

More and more people claim that the incident could have been prevented if students would have carried weapons. Concealed weapons. Because, so the reasoning goes, the attacker would have been shot before killing many of the students, or he might have even hesitated to start on his rampage at all, for fear of being shot himself.

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Free Burma

Only one post today, in respect to the people of Burma.

My deepest respect to you demonstrating in Burma, risking your lives for freedom and democracy.

My deepest respect for remaining peaceful, even when deadly force is being used against you.

My deepest respect for keeping your faith and believing in freedom.

My utter disrespect to those calling themselves a “government” and oppressing the Burmese people. You will very soon become aware that the people you pretend to govern is not your property, and your job is to serve the people, not to kill them. Your days are numbered, guys.

I live in a country where such protests have once succeeded. I wish you the same success.

Free Burma!

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