ReX-T 2.0 released

ReX-T 2.0 is now released as first beta. Which means it probably still has a few bugs; please give me feedback if you find one!

ReX-T is a helper application that lets you develop, test and try out Regular Expressions, which can then be used in REALbasic, TextWrangler, BBEdit or any other application that supports PCRE-style regular expressions.

A Windows version is in the making, too.

Get more info (and a link to download it) on the Product Page.

T-Mobile confirmed as iPhone provider in Germany

According to a press statement by T-Mobile, the rumors for once had it right: T-Mobile has been chosen by Apple as the exclusive iPhone service provider in Germany.

They will start punting the device in Germany starting on November 9th. As is the case in the UK, there will be not special UMTS-enabled version of the iPhone for Germany, so you have to put up with roughly 220 kbps on the EDGE network (“Almost four times the speed of ISDN”, according to T-Mobile. Wow.) But unlike O2 in the UK, at least T-Mobile has almost full EDGE coverage in Germany. I wouldn’t want to fall back on GPRS.

There are no announcements yet on the tariff plans, as far as I know. Please let me know if I’m wrong on that.